Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Ramblings

Well, I sure wish I had a scanner that works. I spent hours the other day trying to get the darn thing to work! I tried everything, but I think the bulb is out if that makes sense or it's just plain worn out! I've been wanting a new one, but have been putting it off because I don't know which to buy. I also want a printer that prints photos, too. What brought me to the scanner was while I was cleaning my craft room I opened one of my vintage Vogarts, Dutch Treat (an ebay purchase), and to my surprise there were a bunch of Workbasket transfers. Well, at least I think they're Workbasket. Anyway, the designs are so cute. Alot of cute kittys with the days of the week and other household chores. Then there are the cute silverware marching arm in arm with big smiles. I love those! I wanted to scan and share, but then the scanner wasn't working. Grrrr! Hopefully soon I'll be able to share my vintage transfers. I don't have many, but some are worth sharing and also my way of saying thanks to other embroidery artist who share their transfers and completed works.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More Fabric Goodness

My mom sent us Easter wishes last week. She knows about my sewing efforts and is always giving me ideas, inspiration, and encouragement. Anyway in the parcel we received cookies in a basket and fabric for my daughter, a dvd for my husband, and more fabric for me! Woohoo!

Thanks Mom!
Oh, and this is my recent etsy purchase from the black apple. I love the sweetness of this print that I had to have it.

Although we love coffee, tea is also a favorite around here. My husband is from England, need I say more?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Crafting update

Sorry, that was another brief break from blogging, I get so caught up in other business, plus I did some extra subbing at work last week. Now we're on spring break for 2 weeks, I still have to work but no planned subbing -- just one field trip with the children to the movies (a piece of cake I hope!).

Once upon a time I use to make cloth dolls, along with quilting, home dec, dresses for my daughter (back then), etc. I use to love to make the dolls (and a few teddy bears, too), some I gave away as gifts. After watching Emily from Inside a Black Apple on Martha Stewart, I'm inspired to make dolls again! Her little dolls are adorable! She is so awesome to share her patterns, too. I had to download the pattern and start making one for myself. As for my previous handmade dolls, they've been stored away for years, but I recently took them out of hiding and wondered what I'm going to do with them - they're pretty dated.

Another WIP - oh no, not another project!

Embroidery up date on Bunny Moon pillow - almost done, just have some background satin stitching to do and then sew and stuff.

Oh, and the Quiltin' Crusiers trip. We sort of fizzled out on that Friday and never made it down to San Diego. I wished we did, I can't remember what happened, but something sort of messed with our schedule that day and we didn't have enough time before the deadline. And then like two nuts, we forgot to turn in our stamped passports for the prize drawings! Ayyyeee!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Quiltin' Cruisers

My daughter and I are currently participating in the San Diego Cruisin' Quilters, which so far we've barely started. We've visited 8 of the 19 quilt shops, but we plan to visit them all before the week is over! Tomorrow is our big day, which we will hit all the San Diego shops. that means for us North County locals we have to drive way down in San Diego. A big deal for me, because I'm not all that familiar with the city (even though I've lived here for just over 20 years). In any case we are looking foward to the drive. It's been nice to see fabrics that I've only been able to see online, or some unique fabrics and patterns that I have never seen before, and of course oodles of inspiration! Plus, there are shops that I never knew they existed, now I plan to shop at in the near future. Here is a photo of some of my new purchases. I'm sure to have more by the weekend. Yikes!

The best part is that I have a buddy to shop with that lives under the same roof as I! If we could only get the same work schedules.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

A new month

and it's been a whirlwind of a week, I'm still working on bunny moon design, although almost done and ready to start some new ones, maybe get back to some old ones. I'll try to give an update tomorrow with pics.

Hello, I'm Back

and no longer a Stampin' UP! demonstrator. It's a good thing, as much as I like sharing papercrafting and products, I found it hard ...