Got yours?

Some of my Girl Scout cookies arrived yesterday! I think I better send some off to work with dh. That's the problem working with children and some happen to be Girl Scouts, it's just hard for me to say "no, thank you". Oh well, I haven't been eating sweets lately, because I knew these would be arriving soon.


Betty said…
lol! I finally got mine, can you believe it. I finally got them. I was so excited but yeah I ate like 6 cookies at once. :(
Bad Bad Betty. Shhh don't tell anyone. lol
Connie Weiss said…
Mine came last week and hubby only ordered ONE box of Thin Mints. I have been rationing them.
laura west kong said…
mmmmm, yum! thanks for visiting my blog. =(^_^)=
We bought some Saturday. It is fun to support the little girls.

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