Sunday, October 05, 2008

Me, the busy little bee

Sorry, I feel bad for not updating lately, it's just been one of those months already! Anyway, I've had my new sewing machine for almost one week (I love it!) and finally took it out from it's new trolley and sewed a little bit today. I went to my first class on Thursday and it was great. I used different feet and stitches, you know the basics. In November there is a heirloom sewing class that I'm looking forward to.

I started a Halloween wallhanging quilt many moons ago. When I use to watch "Simply Quilts" (that's a long time ago), there was one guest, Saundra Seth, that gave directions on how to make this wall hanging or you can easily make it as tote bag. I fell in love and it looked easy enough. Like most projects I start, I started plotting, planning and putting this darling little quilt together and then my enthusiasm ran out before Halloween.

Not my quilt, but a photo from "DIY Network"

Then every year after that I would think about it and want to finish, but to no avail. So hopefully this year is the year, I've only a few weeks to finish and enjoy it. Actually, I see a lot of flaws on my little quilt. There are some methods I know I would do differently now, but since I want to start using my machine and finish up some projects, now is a good time. Besides I need to get some practice time on my new machine. I'll have some photos up soon, at least ones that are labeled "work in progress".

Also, I've joined twitter a few weeks ago and twitter moms. Although, I try to visit at least once a night, I don't stick around very long, it can be addicting and I just don't have alot of time and I'm not that interesting, or maybe just don't have alot to say. Although, there are some very nice moms online and can be fun if you have time.

Take care and have a great week. I'll try to post throughout the week, but I also have some blog reading to catch up on, eeek!


Bubba said...

Good luck, I am trying to finish my neices quilt before X-mas, I just need to get it out and stop reading with my spare time! I plan on it, it is a Wee Spin and easy, just time consuming!

Connie said...

I am a quilter too! But I hand quilt because I don't get along with my sewing machine. Something bad happened to my tension and I have never been able to fix it.

I used to tape Simply Quilts and then watch them in a marathon. I loved that show!

ELLIE said...

I have not endeavored to try quilting but I am like you I plan and plot and start and projects do not get done - I drive myself crazy - lol....if you ever finish it i would love to see!!
take care--Ellie

Betty said...

I always wanted to start quilting. There are some beautiful bedspreads to be made with quilting. I taught myself to crochet a couple of years ago & have been working on a blanket for my husband since Feb of this year. I have no idea what I was thinking when I promised them both a new blanket every year. lol!

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