Saturday, September 13, 2008

Quilt Month

I've joined mr. monkeysuit's quilt month. I thought it would inspire me to get back into quilting which I have put on the back burner long enough. I'm ashamed to say I haven't completed many quilts. In fact I've never really made a true quilt. You know the large ones that you can throw on your bed. I always have these grand ideas and then make a bunch of blocks and then . . . . what happened? They are burried beneath my stash of fabrics.

heart applique wall hanging

I've made plenty of wallhangings or lap quilts and a few doll quilts when I use to make dolls. Actually, I thought these two were sent off to the Goodwill, but I found them in the bottom of my stash bin. I'm glad there were there.

I still have my quilt blocks that I put away years ago, thinking some day I will get back to my quilts. I think I'm over my "non-quilting" phase. I've seen so many wonderful quilts that I'm now inspired again! Yay!! I have more to share but I will leave it for the next day or two.

My mind is going crazy with alot of projects I want to make and finish. I'm happy to come across so many beautiful quilting blogs and reminded of my long lost passion. Thank you! I'm a little intimidated about making a large quilt, but I think it's about time to turn those blocks into something fabulous! Stay tuned . . . .

Thank you for stopping by!


mrmonkeysuit said...

Finishing a quilt is a very addictive feeling. So glad your joining quilt month.

billie said...

Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I've finally pulled out some of those blocks and it's a "sawtooth", but I can't find the instructions, so looks like I'm winging it.

Bubba said...

Why on earth would you ever quit quilting! You are amazing, those are absolutely beautiful!!!