Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My crepe experience

Well, after making a dozen crepes yesterday, I went to the library and then to Von's Market to buy the premade ones, which I looked all over and then had to ask a staff member where they were. They were a square shape in a package near the fresh fruit (of course!), but I didn't expect a square crepe. I ended up buying only one package of 10, because it was 4.99 per package! I need at least 30 or 40 crepes! So I went back home whipped up two more batches. I was literally sweating over a hot stove! But it was well worth it, I don't know how many crepes I made but it was at least 3 dozen, plus the store bought ones. The children enjoyed them, some had them with strawberry jam, some had them with Nutella, and then some just wanted it plain with powedered sugar sprinkled on top. I also read the story "Crepes by Suzette" by Monica Wellington. It's a very cute story about a young girl who is a crepe street vendor. This book also include a recipe and French words for the children to learn.

I also shared the book "Cooking the French Way". This is in a great series of books for children I found at the library, I also checked out "Cooking the Chinese Way". I'll be making fried rice on Friday. I don't need a cookbook for that, but I like the children to see the different types of food around the world. It has great color photos. This has been a fun week at work.

I forgot to take a snap of the finished product this morning, but I know I'll be making these again. I'm going to make Chicken, Spinach and Mushroom Crepes for dinner tomorrow because I still have those pre-made ones. I have know idea how they taste, I hope as good as my homemade ones.

Have a lovely evening (or day).


kim* said...

there are at least 3 crepe shops in Belmont shore,ca i nthe downtown area... i didnt go to any yet.

billie said...

Wow, I didn't know that. I'm usually near that area at least twice a month at 2nd and PCH, I need to go check it out. Thanks.

Ashley said...

Yum! We don't have any crepes really close by, I'm going to have to find some after looking at this post though!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your crepes look delicious - thanks for reminding me of them - something I haven't made in years! I used to love it when my kids were small and we used to do activities that tied in with the books we were reading. Cooking the French way sounds delicious!

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