Friday, April 11, 2008

A typical day at work

In case you didn't know, I work with children for the school district at a before and after school program. Actually, my title is "School-age Child Care Activity Assistant"! I work part-time, just the mornings from 6:30 to 10:15, sometimes I stay a little later to clean up or take care of paperwork, but the children are all off to school by then. In the mornings we usually have an art project for the children to do. Some choose not to do art, so they are either doing home work, playing board games, cards, toys, coloring, drawing, you get the idea. We have roughly around 35 children (and the afternoons are twice as many!). It's a crazy morning schedule, because some go to tutoring at different times, some have guitar lessons, then there is my bunch that I walk to the cafeteria for breakfast, then the Kg through 5th graders are sent to school at 8:15, and of course I have the later kindergarteners who I walk to school at 9:30. So it can be a hectic morning. Our building is on the school grounds, but they stuck us way on the other side of the parking lot. We also have themes every week, this week it's "Bugs, Bees, and Butterflies". This morning we made thumbprint bugs and insects. Take a look .....

Not such great photos, I used my cell phone, but I still wanted to share. This turned out to be a fun and creative project that I wasn't crazy about at first when I looked at the schedule this morning. It's based on Ed Emberly's book on fingerprint drawing.

Sorry, these are pretty blurry. I'm going to take my real camera to work and retake these pictures.
Later in the day I subbed at another school for their afterschool program. It's something I don't normally do, but in certain situations, when asked it's always hard for me to say no. I've been subbing the afternoons for the last two weeks and I'm pooped! I'm looking forward to the next couple of weeks where I'll just work my contracted hours and have my afternoons free! Whew!

In a nutshell, this is sort of what my work day is like.

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