Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Make-up Bag

Okay, here is my Amy B. make up bag that I finished up over the weekend and already using. It really comes in handy, although I don't use it for makeup. Well, except for lipstick, I also store my checkbook, bluetooth, and anything else small that will get lost in my big bag. Very convenient, although it was a bit fiddly to make and I'm not happy with the right end corner, I clipped out as much bulk as I could, but the corner didn't lay straight as I would like it to. I have another tote bag in the works, and a few others planned in my head that I am anxious to sew.

Monday, July 30, 2007

More on Amy Butler

This weekend we (my dd and I) went to Joann's on Friday and then again on Sunday. We've been wanting to buy the book "In Stitches" by Amy Butler for quite some time and I was ready to order it at Amazon. Well, we were joking around while at Joann's that would if it was there we would snap it right up, sure enough as we looked at the unorganized stash of books on the counter, there was Amy's book. So we bought it and now my dd is already making the apron! (I didn't even know she wore an apron) The book is great, I can see many gifts I can make in the future -- if I can ever get the chance. It seems like I buy the books, patterns and fabrics and my dd is whipping them up! Anywho, it's great fun to share something I love with my child, even though it took 21 years, she's re-inspired me, as well as all the blogs I read online. It's a been a real a treat to do something that I know how to do or think I'm good at with others.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Finished Curtains!

I wish I could see these on the kitchen window that they are meant to be on, I really couldn't take a decent picture, so a closet photo will have to do, excuse the mess, I tried to crop out as much as I could. My daughter delivered them to her friend (and former room mate) yesterday. She loved them! She sent me a wonderful thank you card and mentioned that my daughter and I should go into business together selling our "hand-sewn wares". I love that! It was mind-boggling making them, no pattern, no sketch, just kind of pictured in my mind what she said she wanted. It didn't take long to sew them up once I sat down at the sewing machine. See I can sew, but I'm bit of a proscrastinator!

Okay now I'm off to finish Amy Butler's stash & dash bag that I started yesterday. It's good practice for attaching zippers, which I haven't sewn in a long time. Not since I use to sew little dresses for my daughter. I also have another totebag in the works. I'm currently using my big bag I made a few months ago. It's so much nicer and lighter to carry around than that little black, leather wanna-be I was using, ugh!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Summer Cleaning

Yeah, since I've been taking alot of vacation days off and only working my part-time hours, it's been really nice. I'm getting a lot of projects done or started around the house and I'm feeling real good about that. Although, I'm driving my family nuts. I don't think we ever "spring cleaned" so now it's about time! I've been on a mission, our outside looks great, we have a gardener and he takes care of that, but if you walked inside you would see a very disorganized house! So I've decided that I'm going to tackle it alone since my dh is very busy with his work and my daughter has other things going on in her life. Once I get rid of all the junk, stuff, or should we call it clutter, then I will start painting and making changes. I've already started with our office and it's looking better. I should have taken a "before" picture. Now, that all the old shelves are out with all it's stuff, there will be nice shelves and my desk. This was a closet, but we ripped everything out when we turned this bedroom into an office, we already have a large desk on one side of the room where we share the work area. But soon I'll have my own desk area when I finish the job.

I have sewing projects to share, but haven't had a chance to take pics, so stay tuned . . . .

Hello, I'm Back

and no longer a Stampin' UP! demonstrator. It's a good thing, as much as I like sharing papercrafting and products, I found it hard ...