Sunday, November 26, 2006

Holiday Weekend Wrap-up

We made it safely home last night from our trip to Sacramento. The weather was absolutely beautiful driving south on I-5. Even though we left yesterday instead of today, the traffic was still pretty heavy until we got to Los Angeles, oddly enough the traffic was light, huh?. Anyway, we had a nice time as usual. This year my Mother and I were very organized with the whole Thanksgiving preparation. I don't know what happens in years past, but I think it's more of us having a little more wine than we should and then we are all frazzled by the time we set the table for dinner! This year we made sure that didn't happen and she had a list that we were going to follow! I didn't take many pictures this year, it just seems like I take pictures of the same thing every year and then it all looks the same. I did manage to take a pic of the turkey just out of the oven. Ooops, I should have removed the foil for the photo, Mom adds the foil to keep the stuffing from getting burnt.

We brought home left-overs, but my daughter managed to take the turkey and mashed potatoes and left us with yams and stuffing. I plan on making a small turkey next weekend with all the fixin's, I haven't made a turkey on my own in a long time . . . I'm looking forward to it.

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