Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Our Christmas get-away

We had a nice time in Sacramento, but I was looking forward to coming back home. I knew I had extra time off until I had to go back to work and I was anxious to get home and just hang out at the house to sew, cook, clean, organize, or just read. Even though our first morning there was cold and foggy, most days were sunny and mild.

Anyway, at my Mom's we made tamales on Friday night. It was me, my brother, my dd and my Mom making tamales. It's a matter of us assembling them and then my Mom showing us how to make them and cooking them in her big steamer pots. Although, it was just us, usually we have more relatives involved in the process, we had a great time. My brother is always fun to be around.

My brother, sister-in-law, and my two neices and nephew, and my neice's dh came for dinner on Christmas Eve, and of course, my dd and dh. For dessert on Christmas Eve, after we ate tamales, beans & rice, and more, Mom made us Beignets! Yikes, like we didn't have enough to eat! Not a great photograph, but they were delicious!

We had Beignets with hot cocoa in these cute cups!

On Christmas day we went to my brother and sister-in-law's house for dinner. Where they had both sides of the family over for dinner. It was nice to see everybody again, funny how a year goes by so quickly.

Again, I was walking around Mom's house and snapping photos of . . . whatever . . . here's another one of my cross-stitch projects that I gave to my Mom many years ago.

Another cross-stitch project hiding behind the lamp . . .

Yes, I do cross-stitch, it's just been a long time and it's been very hard for me to get back into it lately. I will have to make it a New Year's Resolution, because I really did enjoy it.

I'll try to post some more photos, it seems to make my blogging a little more interesting, even though my camera is not all that great. No I didn't get a new camera for Christmas (sigh).

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