Monday, October 10, 2005

Monday and a little bit normal around here

Well, considering how hectic my mornings are, today was pretty good. Plus I didn't have to go back to work in the afternoon. Although I work for the school district (and it's a holiday) we still had to work today, it seemed like some of the parents had the day off and decided to take their children to school. Maybe that's why work seemed so easy going this morning. My dh had the day off, although he spent most of the day working on the computer, not much of a day off. My supervisor came back from her vacation. She brought me back some goodies from Hawaii. I thought that was really nice, I'm just glad she's back!

Anyway, when I came home my Avon fundraiser packages arrived. Boy, were the boxes beat up looking. At least all the product was there intact, a few little leaks, but nothing major. So I spent a couple of hours sorting that out and getting it all cleaned and bagged and ready to take to work. Later, I finally made it to the gym. I hope I'm not sore tomorrow. I thought I would have time for Pilates, but maybe tomorrow. I want to get back to my stitching, but I'm going to have to seriously organize my time, as well as my life. I feel like I'm going in all kinds of directions and not making any progress at anything. Yes, I know alot of my energy is spent at work, but there is no reason why I can't make things work at home. That is something I just need to work out, I guess.

It's late, so I'll turn in and maybe tomorrow things will change.

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