My current addiction

Wondering where I have been the past couple of weeks? Well, I'm addicted to twitter and twitter moms! I have met some awesome Moms (and Dad) and it's just an easy going, fun place to hang out. I like twitter, because it's just a short little blurb about what I'm doing or how I feel like, and I can come a go as I please. Unfortunately, I'm not able to keep up with all the followers, but I'll try. That's kind of it in a nutshell, but I know I need to do some my blog writing in the mean time, alot has been happening around here, but nothing crafty.

So I'm off to make some Halloween stuff and finish that little wall-hanging. What is it about that project? Anyway, I'm going to play with my new machine! Hope to have pics later. Have a great Sunday!


Bubba said…
Looks like a fun way to get sucked into the computer, I am going to check it out! See you there!
Betty said…
Very very addicting this twitter moms is! lol! We love having you there!
I love Twittermoms, too!! (Thanks for joining The Parent Place) Well Twittermoms is my first love, I hope The Parent Place can become a smaller community--big enough to exchange ideas, small enough to get to know people.
Meaghan said…
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