Friday, May 16, 2008

More on Marie Claire Idees

I really, really would love to make these tea towels for my Mom for her birthday. I know it looks a little ambitious, but they are adorable and I think she would love them. Her birthday is in July, do you think it can be done?

I just love this apron! The pastry she's carrying looks yummy, ooops, sorry I didn't get the whole picture. I could see me entertaining my guests with this little number on.

And this screen is just too cool, I love birds!

I love this magazine! I find myself trying to read it and then translating through Babel Fish. Talk about a real "time snatcher"! I thought my husband and daughter could help me, but they have lives! He should know some French, even though it was a long time ago. My daughter took 4 years in high school for pitty sakes! I was beginning to feel like a pest. So I'll just stick to admiring the photos -- what a lovely magazine!

I still haven't had a chance to hook up my printer, hopefully today. I want to scan and I have photos in my camera that I want to print. Of course, I can go to Walmart, Costco, or any drugstore and have them printed, but I like the convenience at home. Plus there is a ton of scanning I want to do.

I haven't done any crafting so far today like I had planned to do. I have plenty of chores I need to get done - like wash the car, water the lawn because our sprinkler system is not working, then water the back, clean the pool, the list goes on and on. I guess that's what happens when the other half works long hours and I'm the part-timer. That's okay, I'm happy to be home and taking care what needs to be done.

See ya tomorrow!

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