Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lazy day

Well, I wasn't that lazy, I did go to work this morning, but I spent the afternoon searching online for that replacement part I need, a bobbin case for my sewing machine, and thankfully I found it! So I'll be ordering it and should be back in business soon. Other than that I didn't get much done this afternoon, the weather was wierd, overcast and windy and then I heard about flood warnings in nearby areas and it was pretty cool outside. Just strange after we had 90 degree temps just last week!

I do have another sneak peak pic to share from "Pretty Little Potholders" and then I think I'll call it a day. It has been really challenging to post daily, especially when you're not prepared to write and my life isn't all that interesting. I couldn't possibly write about what I actually did all day, that would really be dull writing. Most blogs I read have little ones to write about, which is really sweet and I love it, but I don't have that in my life. Well, I do, but they're not mine and I don't like writing about someone else's child. So I'll try to be interesting as I can about what I do and what happens around here, which really isn't a whole lot.

Back to another favorite, an oven mitt, I would really love to have this in my kitchen ready to use!

Take care, see you tomorrow!

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