An easy project

Since we didn't have plans for this weekend and today is a holiday, I decided that I was going to paint the kitchen-dining room. Of course I got a late start, but I have most of the prep work done. So looks like I'll be squeezing in painting during the week. I'm starting with the primer first and then hopefully if I get the vacation I requested for in June, I'll paint then. I have Jury Duty the first week of June, who knows what happens after that.

Now my easy project is bean bags for a co-worker. She works at another school and she asked me a few weeks ago if I could make her some bean bags and she gave me some upholstry fabric samples. That seems to be the going theme around the schools - recycle those fabric samples. Anyway, I couldn't say no, she's a very nice lady and the children are so good, once I finish these I can complete the tote bags I started a couple of weeks ago. My cousin and I have the Sunday Market again on the June 1st. Wow, beside my crafty projects and then painting I have my work cut out. Oh, and I'm subbing extra hours next week, that means those "split shifts" again, ugh!

Take care, see you tomorrow!


casserole said…
Those bean bags look fun! I've been thinking about making some myself - some for my daughter, and some for the nursery at church.
I made a bunch of bean bags too. I just need to think of games to play with them...
billie said…
Thank you for your comments, casserole and sharlene. I don't know of any games either, there's hopscotch or bean bag toss into a bucket or dishpan. I may have to do a search, but first I need to finish those bean bags!

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