Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend Sewing

I didn't do much this weekend but play around in my sewing room, which is unusual. My weekends are usually filled with shopping, running errands or going to some kind of function and nothing crafty gets done. I use to love cooking and usually dreaming up some kind of menu for Saturday and Sunday, but lately I haven't been interested in cooking or grocery shopping -- eating, yes! I just don't want to be the one to deal with it, attending Weight Watcher meetings is partly to blame.

Anyway a few projects done and out of the way. A basket purse, directions from U-handblog. Her directions are very easy -- I love my new purse!

Next up is a pocket apron, this one is a little different from the others I've made. I usually like to be covered when cooking or at work (fear I might get child's paint all over me). I thought this one might be handy when I'm sewing or doing odd jobs around the house, or even at work to carry pen & notepad, stickers, cell phone, etc. I usually see the Kindergarten teachers wear these type of aprons. I've been going through my scrap mountain and found Autumn left over fabrics. I love the colors and happy to use what I already have. Oh, I also whipped up a tea cosy, which we needed to replace the old one in a bad way! Yep, it was a pretty productive weekend.

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Concha said...

great bag :)

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