Monday, July 30, 2007

More on Amy Butler

This weekend we (my dd and I) went to Joann's on Friday and then again on Sunday. We've been wanting to buy the book "In Stitches" by Amy Butler for quite some time and I was ready to order it at Amazon. Well, we were joking around while at Joann's that would if it was there we would snap it right up, sure enough as we looked at the unorganized stash of books on the counter, there was Amy's book. So we bought it and now my dd is already making the apron! (I didn't even know she wore an apron) The book is great, I can see many gifts I can make in the future -- if I can ever get the chance. It seems like I buy the books, patterns and fabrics and my dd is whipping them up! Anywho, it's great fun to share something I love with my child, even though it took 21 years, she's re-inspired me, as well as all the blogs I read online. It's a been a real a treat to do something that I know how to do or think I'm good at with others.

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