Saturday, December 09, 2006

Shopping Day

I wasn't planning on baking this Christmas season. But since I love to bake and have been inspired to do so by many cooking programs on tv, food blogs, websites and magazines that I have this urge to rattle my baking pans. Oh, which should be interesting because my oven is not working, but I have a toaster oven and a convection oven.

I'm not going to bake alot, but I've been wanting to bake a few cakes and cookies. Of course, I have to make Gingerbread Men cookies, that is a priority. Since we are a small family and don't usually like to have alot of sweets around the house, I'll be sharing them with his co-workers and my children at work. I have been putting a short list together that keeps changing. I'll do my shopping today and get started tomorrow morning - nothing planned this weekend, yay! Plus he has a potluck planned with his Monday night class, so I'll need to put something together for that. I'll try to post some pics. I want to start taking notes and pics of some of the recipes I have been collecting through the years, I think putting them here is a good start. You know, just trying to get organized. Today I threw away piles of recipes that I printed from the internet since the 90's and it was all to confusing, even though I also keep copies in Mastercook and I know I wasn't going to make them all! I can be crazy sometimes!

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