Thursday, June 01, 2006


Well, the moving is over and I don't know why I had to get involved! But anyway my dd is moved out and all is well. She's back home for a few days and then she'll be moving into a townhouse in Huntington Beach. It's really nice, but there are a few things that the contractors are trying to finish up, so dd is home for now. Of course, she has me busy running around to craft stores and what not. She is crafting more than I! I hope to get back to my stuff soon, but I'm in the middle of decluttering. I have most of everything moved out into the garage, I will be going through my stuff out there and just tossing out or donating. At least the guest/sewing/craft room is cleared and it's really looking good. I want to paint. I want to have it ready for my family to stay overnight. We are planning many bbq's over the summer and we don't want them to drive back home. Most of my family live in Los Angeles and beyond, and we are down here in north San Diego. It's quite a drive amd we have so much fun that they should just stay.

Besides that not much else happening, well, yes there is, but too boring to write about ... I'm just busy. I can't wait until things settle down and I can get back to my projects. Something that I can write about and post my photos.

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