Friday, May 26, 2006

Weekend is here!

Well, my long weekend officially started yesterday afternoon. I'm taking a vacation day today and Tuesday, that's a five day weekend. We're not going anywhere, except for moving our daughter to her new place. I'll be meeting my dh at my cousin's house which we will be spending the night and then moving the big items tomorrow. We'll drive back home Saturday night. We're having a bbq on Sunday to kick off the summer. So we have to get this moving done and get home, I have lots to do!

Anyway, I worked my butt off around the house yesterday. I've been desperately trying to clean our spare bedroom, which is really a dumping ground for stuff. I want to be able to go in there and do my crafts or sit with my laptop or gaze out the window. I was up until 10:00pm and I got alot done. I found alot of old patterns and fabrics and UFO's. Which right now are in the garage waiting for me to go through when I get a quiet moment. I'm just about tossing out or donating many things, textbooks from college days (actually, I went to college later in life), binders of school work, why am I hanging on to these things?? Dd's childhood books (I hate to part with them), old clothes, purses, books, magazines -- I need to start making decisions. I've been watching Neat and I'm just going to be like the organizer, Hellen, and be firm with myself. Once this room gets cleared, I can decorate and read, sew, cross-stitch, scrapbook, or just clear my mind and think, but right now it's not happening and it never will if I don't do something.

Okay, I'm out the door, have a great weekend.

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