Monday, January 30, 2006

Speedy Knitter

Well, we went to Michael's yesterday and had fun. They had hourly drawings for the Knifty Knitter, which we weren't so lucky. We shopped and looked around, picked up alot embroidery floss and yarn. Then there was an announcement for a knitting and crochet contest -- you know, the fastest knitter and crocheter. So my dd was determined to walk out with something free, so she entered herself in the knitting contest. It was very easy because only two people entered the crochet contest and one other person in the knitting. Well, my daughter won in knitting and walked away with a basket full of crochet and knitting yarns, plus needles, and the large size loom of the Knifty Knitter set. A nice basket, too! She was so happy! She surprises me, because she is more of the quiet-type and I didn't expect her to enter a contest. We had a good laugh afterwards.

Last night I started cleaning my craft room, again! I removed two boxes of stuff. I've been going through them, but most of it is old stuff and I'm just going to toss it. I did find a beautiful hand made baby quilt that was never used (it was a shower gift). It was too cute and I didn't want it to get ruined by the many washings that I had been doing. I boxed it up and forgot about it. I received many handmade quilts and afghans, so this one I wanted to keep new even though now it's old! It has alot of hand embroidery and it is adorable. I also found a box of cut fabric and the pattern for dd's First Holy Communion dress that I had planned to make way back when. I remember that, we ended up at Macy's and buying her dress. Oh yeah, how many times have I started projects and never completed them?!!

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PJ said...

I was at Micheals that day too (in San Diego);} I like your sampler I know how much time that took!

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