Sunday, January 22, 2006

Okay, so I need practice

I worked on my sampler again this morning and what an eye opener. Once I solved the problem of the publishing/printing error, I started stitching the area that was out of alignment and I was careful on that part of the graph. But for some reason I was switched around on colors (I guess not enough coffee) and I was stitching with the wrong color! Yikes, once I figured that out I was ripping out stitches again! You know, I'm really beginning to feel stupid. I think once I get into cross-stitching and stitching every day I'll be okay, but right now I'm all thumbs! I'm just glad I'm doing something constructive again and I do like cross-stitching -- it's fun! I don't want to give up. I also have some quilting projects on the back burner and I know I will get back to them soon, I just dread going into my "sewing room" and sorting everything out. I have to though, because my Mom is planning on visiting us this year! This summer and for Christmas! Yikes!

Yesterday was a fun day. I met my friends for a walk in Carlsbad. We walked three miles, which is good, but I could walk more, it was fun. Saturday was beautiful, a little chilly, but not a cloud in the sky. The ocean was gorgeous!! After our walk we went to this hole in the wall place for breakfast called "The Grand", which had great Bloody Mary's, breakfast was good, too! Afterwards we walked around to some of the shops. I wished I had my camera, but then again, my camera isn't all that great. Carlsbad is a little bit of a touristy place. There are nice little restaurants, cafes, inns, antique shops, boutiques, etc., you know that sort of place, plus it's right near the beach. You can't complain, the weather is beautiful, even in the winter. Hehe, and it's only a 10 min. drive from my house!

Anyway, we stopped into this British food store and I bought dh some English sausages, Bisto, and Bounty Bars (like Mounds candy for dh - his fave). Then there was another shop, actually we stopped into alot of little shops, but the ones that we actually spent a good amount of time in was the British food store and then the Irish shop called "O'Ireland". It was so small in there, but there was alot of nice gifts, jewelery, knick-knacks, etc. I bought a pair of silver earrings which I just love! It is a Celtic knot - Serpentine. I love them! He has some lovely jewelery, so I am definately going back after I get paid. DD's birthday is coming soon and I want to get her something special -- I already know what it is!

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