Monday, January 30, 2006

Speedy Knitter

Well, we went to Michael's yesterday and had fun. They had hourly drawings for the Knifty Knitter, which we weren't so lucky. We shopped and looked around, picked up alot embroidery floss and yarn. Then there was an announcement for a knitting and crochet contest -- you know, the fastest knitter and crocheter. So my dd was determined to walk out with something free, so she entered herself in the knitting contest. It was very easy because only two people entered the crochet contest and one other person in the knitting. Well, my daughter won in knitting and walked away with a basket full of crochet and knitting yarns, plus needles, and the large size loom of the Knifty Knitter set. A nice basket, too! She was so happy! She surprises me, because she is more of the quiet-type and I didn't expect her to enter a contest. We had a good laugh afterwards.

Last night I started cleaning my craft room, again! I removed two boxes of stuff. I've been going through them, but most of it is old stuff and I'm just going to toss it. I did find a beautiful hand made baby quilt that was never used (it was a shower gift). It was too cute and I didn't want it to get ruined by the many washings that I had been doing. I boxed it up and forgot about it. I received many handmade quilts and afghans, so this one I wanted to keep new even though now it's old! It has alot of hand embroidery and it is adorable. I also found a box of cut fabric and the pattern for dd's First Holy Communion dress that I had planned to make way back when. I remember that, we ended up at Macy's and buying her dress. Oh yeah, how many times have I started projects and never completed them?!!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

My daughter the stitcher

Not only is my dd a knitter, she has taken up embroidery! Yesterday she was going on and on about this website called Sublime Stitching and she wanted to order a bunch of patterns, but has no money. Her head was swimming with ideas on what she was going to make or stitch on. I caved in, so the patterns are on their way. In the meantime she wanted me to teach her how to embroider. I told her it's easy and she's has already done it. I had her cross-stitching when she was 10 years old and I have proof of it. Some day I'll scan some of her work, she was very good. Anyway, she says she doesn't remember!

Yesterday, was a busy day with errands, laundry, etc. Dh is off on a business trip this morning to New Jersey, so I'll have a few days to myself. Dd is leaving tomorrow for school, she usually comes home on the weekends. No stitching done yesterday, but I managed to get quite a bit done during the week. This is not the greatest picture, alot of shadows and very wrinkly. It's a fairly large sampler, 15" x 26". I won't be doing one this large again, but I do like samplers.

Folk Sampler

Good news, I went to my WW meeting yesterday and happy to say that I lost a couple of pounds. It seems like I've been at a plateau forever! Anyway, today we're off to Michael's for their 5-hour Yarn Event. It's supposed to be filled with exciting demos and activities. Okay, sounds like fun.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Stitching update

Well, this week is a funky week for me. I've been fighting off a cold and I just don't have any energy or maybe I'm just lazy. I've been working my usual morning shift, but once I get home I've been sitting in front of the tv and stitching. I did manage to get a 3-mile work out on my "Walk Away the Pounds" dvd today. I don't even feel like going to the gym. I hope I have a bit more energy tomorrow, because I need to go! I'm happy to say that I'm making progress on my sampler, though. It's a pretty good sized project and I still have a long way to go, but I'm not sick of it yet. I would like to have some side projects going on, but right now I'm focused on my sampler, so I will stick with it for now. I 'm going to try to take a picture of it tomorrow in daylight, as my camera is not the greatest.

Good night!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Another busy day

I worked a split shift today, I haven't done that in quite a while. I know I have some days scheduled in Feb. That's okay, a little extra money is good right now, but I got a call today to work tomorrow and Wednesday afternoons and I had to tell her no, I had other things to do (yeah, like my sampler). Oh, I did some stitching yesterday, but today no such luck (although the night is not over, yet).

I went to Barnes & Noble yesterday looking for a good cross-stitch magazine to take home. I was overwhelmed by all the magazines, they must have just got in a new shipment. Any suggestions out there? I haven't bought a cross-stitch magazine in years. I usually buy a home decorating magazine or a food magazine, which I need to steer away from right now. I love food and I usually spend my time online looking at food sites or food blogs and collecting recipes, that needs to stop and I need to focus my energy on something else because I'm having a tough time trying to lose weight and keeping it off. It's not like I have a lot to lose, but I'm uncomfortable and my clothes are fitting me tight. Just going to the gym is not working out.

Anyway, to all you cross-stitchers out there, if there are any books or magazines that you would recommend please let me know. Like I've said before, I have been "out of it" for a very long time and any news would be helpful. Later, I'll be asking about quilting . . . .

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Okay, so I need practice

I worked on my sampler again this morning and what an eye opener. Once I solved the problem of the publishing/printing error, I started stitching the area that was out of alignment and I was careful on that part of the graph. But for some reason I was switched around on colors (I guess not enough coffee) and I was stitching with the wrong color! Yikes, once I figured that out I was ripping out stitches again! You know, I'm really beginning to feel stupid. I think once I get into cross-stitching and stitching every day I'll be okay, but right now I'm all thumbs! I'm just glad I'm doing something constructive again and I do like cross-stitching -- it's fun! I don't want to give up. I also have some quilting projects on the back burner and I know I will get back to them soon, I just dread going into my "sewing room" and sorting everything out. I have to though, because my Mom is planning on visiting us this year! This summer and for Christmas! Yikes!

Yesterday was a fun day. I met my friends for a walk in Carlsbad. We walked three miles, which is good, but I could walk more, it was fun. Saturday was beautiful, a little chilly, but not a cloud in the sky. The ocean was gorgeous!! After our walk we went to this hole in the wall place for breakfast called "The Grand", which had great Bloody Mary's, breakfast was good, too! Afterwards we walked around to some of the shops. I wished I had my camera, but then again, my camera isn't all that great. Carlsbad is a little bit of a touristy place. There are nice little restaurants, cafes, inns, antique shops, boutiques, etc., you know that sort of place, plus it's right near the beach. You can't complain, the weather is beautiful, even in the winter. Hehe, and it's only a 10 min. drive from my house!

Anyway, we stopped into this British food store and I bought dh some English sausages, Bisto, and Bounty Bars (like Mounds candy for dh - his fave). Then there was another shop, actually we stopped into alot of little shops, but the ones that we actually spent a good amount of time in was the British food store and then the Irish shop called "O'Ireland". It was so small in there, but there was alot of nice gifts, jewelery, knick-knacks, etc. I bought a pair of silver earrings which I just love! It is a Celtic knot - Serpentine. I love them! He has some lovely jewelery, so I am definately going back after I get paid. DD's birthday is coming soon and I want to get her something special -- I already know what it is!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Friday Stitching

Today was a quiet day, besides going to work this morning, I came home and still felt cold. I grabbed my throw and sat down and stitched for almost three hours! A great accomplishment for me! Of course, I worked on my sampler and came across a major error that I had made (many years ago). I don't think it was all my fault, it was in the center of the pattern. The graph is spread out into 3 sections and each section is on two pages! The pages were off center in the middle (where the book is stapled), so I could see the house was looking strange. It was off by one row and it made a big difference. Hard to explain, maybe I can scan it tomorrow so you can see how off it is. I couldn't continue, so I was pulling stitches and I'm happy to redo it tomorrow. Luckily it wasn't alot, I hope I can stitch tomorrow. I never know what the next day brings me. I will be meeting my cousin tomorrow morning at Weight Watchers and then at 9:00 I will be meeting friends to go "walking" the strand in Carlsbad. Afterwards, we will go out and have lunch. I'm looking forward to that! I want to go to the movies tomorrow night, but that depends on how I feel. I have a touch of a sore throat and I've been sneezing more than usual. I hope it's not another cold coming on, ugh.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Stitching Blogger's Question

Have you had a happy dance yet this year? If so, tell us about it! (Or just point to the entry that talks about it.) If not, when do you predict it will be?
No, happy dance yet. I have small projects that I want to finish. I also have a sampler I started working on a long time ago and then forgot about (and it will be a long time before that is ever finished). I took a long break from cross stitching and I'm just barely getting back into it. You know, life got crazy, etc. I love reading other stitching blogs and that is where I get my inspiration. You all do such beautiful work, thank you! I predict next month I'll be doing a happy dance, but it won't be about the sampler!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I did it!

I'm so proud of myself, I managed to sit down and work on my sampler while the Golden Globes were on. I had planned to stitch for at least an hour, but I wasn't so lucky. I tried though. DD and her friends came in after their trip to Julian. They were all excited and caused a commotion that I wasn't expecting, but I didn't mind. They brought home food, sweets and a freshly baked apple pie for dh! So anyway, they took over and I sort of packed up my things and called it a night. Tonight I'm going to spend on hour on my sampler, with a little luck I might have a progress photo next week to post. I would also like to stitch something small, you know something that I might be able to see it to the end. I was thinking about one of those Bent Creek charts I bought a few months back. Although, I would like something with spring colors. Well, it's something to think about.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Knitted Handbag

Here's the handbag that my daughter knitted for a friend. Actually it's called a Chinese Charm Bag from "Stitch 'n Bitch" knitter's handbook.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Nothing crafty here, but . . .

my dd has been busy knitting these past couple of weeks. I've also helped her put together this handbag (somehow I can't find the photo on my computer!) she made for a friend a few weeks ago. It took us awhile to figure out how to put the handles on, the directions in the book were pretty vague. Even dh was giving us advice. Once she sewed them on, I sewed in the lining. Today, we were in Barnes and Noble and she couldn't decide between two books to buy, a Rachel Ray cookbook or a book on crocheting handbags. I convinced her that she should choose the crochet book. She's very good at knitting, I'm sure she will be execllent at crocheting. Of course, I'm the one "buying" the book - Crochet Bags! 15 Hip Projects to Carry your Stuff. Oh yeah, she wants me to sew in the lining on all her future handbags.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Happy New Year!

Wow, where did the week go? Of course, I was back at work and it was nice. The weather is just too beautiful to stay inside and I only had to work in the morning, so it worked out great. Next week will even be better, children will be back to their normal routine and we have a 3-day weekend coming up.

Anywho, again no crafting to report or pics to post, just wanted to check in before I quit blogging altogether. I had a lot of catching up to do this week -- take down the Christmas decorations, pay bills, go back to the gym, although I've been watching way too many dvd's! My dd is home from college, which is nice to have her home for awhile. As for New Year's resolutions, I don't have any. I'll just continue with my healthy diet and daily workout, that's ongoing throughout my life. Yes, I could try to save some money and become a little more organized this year.

Hello, I'm Back

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