Friday, December 16, 2005

Twenty-seven years

I can't believe dh and I have been married this long! Today at work my co-worker asked me if it snowed when I got married. She knew I was married in London about a week before Christmas, I told her no it didn't snow, but it was very, very cold. I was not prepared for the weather when I flew over there to be married . . . but yes it did snow the following week, just in time for Christmas. That was the only "white Christmas" I've ever had, it was a wonderul one, too. I can remember back then like it was yesterday, if only I could write and express how I felt that day (well, besides nervous and excited). I have so many recollections of our first year of marriage, we were young, in love, and the both of us are from two different cultures and that was only the beginning! Oh, how I wish I kept a journal of that first year! My dh is Irish, but employed with P&O shipping in the UK, he was an officer with the British Merchant Navy. Anyway, to make a very long story short we were off to many countries on one of the ships. We lived aboard for about 9 months and I saw so much, learned so much and will never forget those times. I always said I learned so much in those 9 months at sea than I have ever learned in school. As I reminisced with my co-worker this morning, she said it sounded exciting and I should write a book. Yeah, right, if I could only write!

Anyway, our marriage has had it's ups and downs, it is definately not perfect, but I love my husband very much and have no regrets of running off to a foreign land to marry him.

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