Sunday morning thoughts

I had this dream that I went to a cross-stitch get-together at my friend's house. There were few of our friends there. I don't remember what I was stitching but the linen was beautiful. I'm sure I was dreaming in color. Anyway, my friend, the hostess, was a little rude to me, I don't know why. It was almost like she was saying if you stitch quickly the sooner you can leave! I don't know why I dreamt that, but when I was doing my Christmas cards yesterday I was reflecting on each and every recipient. I guess she just sort of stuck in my head and I dreamt about her in an odd way. I don't see her often, but we are good friends. When we do see each other it's always "we'll get together soon" or she will call me next week -- it never happens. I guess we just get busy with our families and it's hard to find the time to actually visit with each other. Or maybe it's just "out of sight, out of mind".

Our neighbors are back from their cruise to Mexico. She just came over to pick up her keys and a huge bagful of mail. She brought us a gift from Mexico -- a wall hanging for our patio. Right now it's hanging in the kitchen. I love the bright colors!

Okay, I think it's time for a new camera. My pictures either come out too dark or too light. I've had it for about 3 years. It's not an expensive camera, maybe that's why. I hope Santa is nice to me this year. (I did drop some hints)


Mia said…
I love the wall hanging, Tweety!! Very pretty and oh so colorful!!
Barb said…
I love that too. I thought of starting a line of surf clothing for awhile, and I was going to name it LunaSoul (spelling intentional. Spanish would be Sol). I talked about having a child with a man once, and we were thinking of naming her Marisol (ocean and water). Lost dreams...

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