Sunday, November 13, 2005

My child's turkey

Just having fun with my camera . . .

This is a craft project my dd did a long time ago, and I put it up every year during the holidays. She has made alot of things through her childhood, I think I will start taking pictures of each of them to be remembered. I've noticed that some of her artworks are fading, falling apart, or just getting dusty. I have a watercolor picture that she painted and I framed and hung in our bedroom. I love it, but I think I should take it out of the frame and put it some kind of acid-free album so it doesn't go yellow. As a child she was a artsy-craftsy sort, now that she is an adult I feel she is the same way, although she doesn't do crafts, except for knitting. She is a writer now, and I believe that takes a creative person as well.

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Barb said...

Adorable. Definitely protect these items. I framed a bunch of my own drawings--even one from elementary school. Heck, why not? Makes for fun art.