Saturday, October 01, 2005

Small little victory ...

Another week has flown by and I made it. We weighed in this morning and I lost a pound and half, I'm happy with that. Weight Watcher's core plan isn't so bad, I find that I'm not as hungry as I use to be and I have lost those "bread" cravings, plus it's a healthy way of eating.

As for my stitching goals, forget it! Work is just getting in the way, and next week isn't getting any better. The site supervisor is going on vacation and I'm sort of running the show for the week. I hope next week goes by fast. This morning I'm meeting my co-worker at the library and we're going to check out books on our theme for next week, Earth Science Week. There is also a street fair that is next to the library on Saturdays, so we'll check that out. I've never been to it. Besides that, I hope to have my usual housecleaning done sometime this weekend. I have alot of Avon paperwork to do. This must be my lucky week, besides a fundraiser I'm doing (which helps me achieve my sales goal for the year), I have quite a few orders without even trying to sell Avon. That's good, because I'm a terrible sales person!

I think Sundays are my best days to sit and relax and do a little stitching. So I'm hoping I'll at least have progress pictures to post and return to blogging a little bit more next week.

Have a great day!

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