Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Random photos

Actually, these were taken over the summer. When I was at my Aunt's house on Saturday, she gave me extra copies of photos she took at my birthday party on July 17th. Yes, I turned 50 on that day! I can't believe I'm that old! Disneyland and I celebrate our birthdays on the same day. My dh was thought he was real clever and threw a surprise party toboot! That's another story. Anyway, here's a pic of my cousin Glo and I. (I'm on the right)

Here's my dd enjoying herself. And then there's me blowing out all those candles and looking not too cute from the side view. Now that's an incentive to get some weight off.


Mia said...

I love the pictures, Billie. They are awesome and there is no way you turned 50. Just like there is no way I just turned 42. ACK!!!

I haven't stitched all week either. Tonight I plan on fixing that and plopping myself down to watch Survivor and stitch. I have been overwhelmed with school paperwork stuff all week. Last night I was filling out stuff again. At least tonight I do not have to. We are off tomorrow and anything that is in those schoolbags can wait til Sunday.

Have a great day!!

tweety said...

Thank you, Mia, for your kind words. I know, sometimes I feel like a kid, but my body tells something else! I hope you're having a restful weekend. Take care!

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