Tuesday, September 06, 2005

nothing accomplished

This morning, work ran pretty smooth considering we had a good number of children. Poor kids, I don't do all the fun projects I use to do, there are just too many of them (I have to keep my eyes on everybody) and the morning just flies by. I wanted to make pancakes this morning, but it just wasn't possible. Maybe on Friday when the numbers are a little lower. Although, by 9:00 they are all gone and in class, then I just have 4 kindergartners who go to class at 12:00, but my day is over at 10:15am.

Anyway, I came home did a little paperwork, watched the news, went online, and then made lunch. I had my dentist appt. today, which I don't mind too much, but sheesh I was there for almost 3 hours! My day was shot after that. I got home just in time to rattle those pots and pans! I have nothing planned tomorrow afternoon, so I'm going to make it a productive day. I don't know which craft I'm going to do, but it will be something with a needle and thread involved. Of course, I'll be reading other blogs, I just love to see what others are doing -- there are some really clever people out there, who must be great at prioritizing their time, because I can never be able to accomplish anything!

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