Friday, August 26, 2005

More Friday rambling ...

My dd left for college last night, so it's been very quiet here. It was strange, when I came home from work I expected her to be home as usual, but as I turned the corner I didn't see her car and I realized she was gone. I'm a little sad, but it's not like she's far away and she will be back home again next week for doctor appointments. It's just that we are use to her being here where, in our eyes, it's safe.

I thought I would get some stitching time in today, but fat chance. Maybe tomorrow morning. Dh and I are invited to two birthday parties tomorrow. One is my cousin's 50th and we have to go to that, so we'll be leaving early from the other party. Or I'll be leaving early, dh has to work half day tomorrow, but will meet me at my cousin's house. It's going to be fun. Her and her husband came over today to borrow our umbrellas for her backyard, there is no shade so they needed as much shade as possible. It's suppose to be a hot weekend. She also snagged three of our ice chests, that's for the ice (Margaritas, anyone?). Anyway, I spent the day shopping for gifts (last minute, of course) and something for me to wear. Plus a stop at the bank, Longs, and an Avon delivery. Yeah, a part-time Avon Lady here, a poor one, though.

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