Wednesday, August 17, 2005

It's sort of a long day

. . . and it's only a little after 3pm. I spent the morning in meetings and I'm already exhausted. I have lots to do today, we're having a bbq this Saturday and I'm nowhere prepared like I thought I would be. It's also a special day because we are celebrating my dh's birthday. So I need to get moving!

As far as stitching, I was able to get an hour in last night. Another project I'm working on, which is very small, is a cute little bird. I'll try to scan later. I'm almost finished. This is the project that started it all.

Two weeks ago, at work, I remembered the container full of cross-stitching goodies and fabric in the art cabinet. I was bored at work with the projects that I was putting out all summer for the children. So I thought, "Hey, maybe they would want to learn how to cross-stitch!" To my surprise I had a group of six children at the table, girls and boys, all trying to "sew". There must be about a dozen cross-stitch kits that were donated to us last year and I knew they were in the plastic tub, but I never thought I could get the children to learn how to cross-stitch. I remebered years ago I had a bad experience trying to teach Girl Scouts how to cross-stitch. They just couldn't do it! Half were in tears, half were frustrated! Well, with my boys and girls I let them do whatever on 14ct. Aida that was in the kit and I just showed them the basics. So some did the outline stitch, some did the back stitch and some cross-stitched. They didn't bother with the pattern that came with the kit, they just embroidered their own designs. I had a blast! So I'm doing the little bird kit so they can see how it's done.They've been watching as we sit and stitch. I told them as soon as I'm finished I'm going to have a drawing to see who gets the "little bird".

So that's how I got started cross-stitching again. I use to cross-stitch alot before I had my daughter and then off and on afterwards. Now I'm reading about others who do the same and it's been very inspiring.

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