Thursday, August 25, 2005

Children's Crafts

After reading numerous crafty blogs, I've noticed that most are young moms (or mums) with small children and since I work with school-age children, part of my job is to prepare fun and interesting craft projects for them. Sounds like a fun job -- well, it has it's moments. Anyway, I would like to share some of the projects that I have done, which have been very rewarding for me. I mean I like painting, dot art, cut and paste, board games, group games, but my favorites are cooking, sewing and quilting with children. It takes a lot of prep time and sometimes it takes me awhile to get it together, because I end up digging in my sewing room for stash, patterns, etc.

These "bean bags" are made from felt and filled with either beans or fiber-filling. If we fill them with beans, then I need to pre-sew them on the sewing machine (so the beans don't fall out) and it's more them gluing on the face and filling with beans. If we stuff them, then the children sew, decorate, stuff and then sew them closed. They love these sort of projects and I usually have a large group of children busy and content at the table.


Mia said...

Tweety, those felt friends are gorgeous. I love them. I remember when my DS was in pre-k, they did dream pillows. He still has his. I like these better.

tweety said...

Thanks, they are fun to make. We've made something like dream pillows, but called them reading pillows. On one side of the pillow is white fabric and the children drew their own design with fabric markers.

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