Thursday, November 30, 2006

I Have Wheels!

Yes, I'm on the road again, I picked up my rental car yesterday - a van, ugh, oh well, I can't be picky right now. Although, my car is still at the dealer and that's not good. I'm more than a little concerned as to how much it's going to cost us than any thing else. It's supposed to be under warranty, but that's under authorization, huh? I'm scared.

Anyway, I've been busy working, but wanting to bake for days. I managed to bake muffins this morning. Of course, I made my usual Weight Watcher muffin recipe, I like to have them in the morning while I'm at work. I'm usually so busy in the mornings that I have no time for breakfast, if I have these muffins on hand, I'm good. If not, by the time I get home at 10:30am I'm starved and I'm eating everything in sight! I won't bother with a picture or recipe, unless someone really wants it - ha!. I try to eat low cal, but I do splurge on the weekends. I work wierd hours, but tomorrow is going to be even more wierd. I work at a before and after school program and we decided to do a fundraiser tomorrow from 6 to 10pm. Yikes, that means I'm working all day. We have some fun things in store, I want to make a chocolate cake in a crockpot from scratch (I found a recipe), and my co-worker wants to make potato pancakes or something with mash potatoes. We're going to pick up a large pizza from the pizzaria across the street. Oh, we have all kinds of ideas and the kids are excited about the whole idea. I've never done a "parents night out", I hope I survive. (just kidding)

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