Saturday, February 11, 2006

Saturday weigh-in

Well, after weeks of yo-yoing, I think I'm finally back on track. I've lost 3.2 pounds this week, after I changed my attitude and in a fitness mindset. These last 20+ pounds are so hard to get rid of, especially as I get older (sigh). Anyway, what has helped me out is that I did my grocery shopping on the weekend and sort of had a plan as to what I was going to eat, as well as the rest of my family - dd and dh. DD only comes home on the weekends, but I still need to have a plan. I also had healthy snacks (well, maybe not so healthy, but low in calories), which has really helped out. So hopefully I can lose at least another couple of pounds this week. I'm doing cardio at least 5 times a week and Pilates daily. My one gripe is that I'm crunched for time, but some how I manage to fit it all in.

As for other stuff happening in my life, it has been pretty hectic. I've been subbing extra hours as other co-workers are taking time off and have no one to sub for them except for me. Actually I like working at other schools, it's funny how different each site is, even though we all work for the same program. I haven't had a chance to do any cross-stitching this past week, but maybe this weekend I will be able to get at least an hour in.
Have a great evening/weekend, or what's left of it.

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