Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Back to work

It was a good day, a few little problems at work you don't want to know. This week's theme is "Favorite Authors". I know, I really don't like talking about work, my blog is my place to get away from work, but just wanted to say that this week is going to be fun at work and I love this week's theme. We are going to cook according to a few selected books, such as, Pancakes for Breakfast, The Very Hungry Catapillar, Where the Wild Things Are, Happy Birthday, Moon or is it Good Night, Moon? Anyway, you get the picture. Of course, I'm going to bring in my own ingredients and cook what I feel like cooking. Since I'm at work at 6:30am and some of the children expect me to have a project ready to go as soon as they walk in the door. So tomorrow morning we will be making brownies in the microwave. This morning we made pancakes, that's always our "go to" cooking project when we have nothing ready to do -- hey, it was a 4-day weekend! The children just love it, regardless!

Yesterday, I did a little cleaning in the office. I organized all my photos on our office computer, and there are alot. I'm ready to burn them on a disc. Then my next project is to do the same on my laptop. I have stacks of shredding to do. I will continue to do that a little bit each day, it seems like I can never get rid of it. I was able to find a place for my daughter's board games. I think it's awesome that her and her friends still enjoy playing board games! They are all college kids now!

On a side note, I've been listening to a podcast called Scrapcast. If your into scrapbooking or new and want to learn a little bit about it, it's a great program to listen to. I think it's great that I can listen to it on my iPod while I do stuff around the house, which is pretty much what I did this weekend. You can download it from iTunes and listen to it from your pc if you don't have an iPod. It's pretty cool. There are alot of podcasts that you can choose from if scrapbooking is not your thing, like knitting, crocheting, cooking, etc. You should check it out.

Okay, enough of me, now I need to gather up my goodies for tomorrow before I go to bed. Take care.

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