Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Back to work

It was a good day, a few little problems at work you don't want to know. This week's theme is "Favorite Authors". I know, I really don't like talking about work, my blog is my place to get away from work, but just wanted to say that this week is going to be fun at work and I love this week's theme. We are going to cook according to a few selected books, such as, Pancakes for Breakfast, The Very Hungry Catapillar, Where the Wild Things Are, Happy Birthday, Moon or is it Good Night, Moon? Anyway, you get the picture. Of course, I'm going to bring in my own ingredients and cook what I feel like cooking. Since I'm at work at 6:30am and some of the children expect me to have a project ready to go as soon as they walk in the door. So tomorrow morning we will be making brownies in the microwave. This morning we made pancakes, that's always our "go to" cooking project when we have nothing ready to do -- hey, it was a 4-day weekend! The children just love it, regardless!

Yesterday, I did a little cleaning in the office. I organized all my photos on our office computer, and there are alot. I'm ready to burn them on a disc. Then my next project is to do the same on my laptop. I have stacks of shredding to do. I will continue to do that a little bit each day, it seems like I can never get rid of it. I was able to find a place for my daughter's board games. I think it's awesome that her and her friends still enjoy playing board games! They are all college kids now!

On a side note, I've been listening to a podcast called Scrapcast. If your into scrapbooking or new and want to learn a little bit about it, it's a great program to listen to. I think it's great that I can listen to it on my iPod while I do stuff around the house, which is pretty much what I did this weekend. You can download it from iTunes and listen to it from your pc if you don't have an iPod. It's pretty cool. There are alot of podcasts that you can choose from if scrapbooking is not your thing, like knitting, crocheting, cooking, etc. You should check it out.

Okay, enough of me, now I need to gather up my goodies for tomorrow before I go to bed. Take care.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

My scrapbooking side emerges

Well, Friday and Saturday were pretty much a bust . . . I shouldn't say that, but I didn't get much done around the house. We visited dd who lives in Long Beach where she goes to CSULB. Dh and I took her out to lunch and pretty much just hung out, the weather was nice although a little windy, but it was good day.

As for today, I was up early reading magazines and watching the news. I then proceeded into to my guest/sewing/craft room and started organizing -- I was reading an issue of "Creating Keepsakes Magazine". Of course, the room is not fully cleared out, but I managed to set up my laptop and a printer that is in perfect condition, but a little outdated, that has been in the garage and not being used. We are pretty techie around the house, we have 3 operating printers now, I have my laptop which I use occasionally, we have a family computer in the office, which we all share, but I'm on it the most. Dh has his own computer and laptop that he uses for work and teaching. DD has her own computer, but not here.

Anyway, back to my "craft room", I've been wanting to make my own greeting cards lately, and thought if I had a printer hooked up to my laptop I might be more productive. Well, I need to buy a color cartridge, so until then I pretty much stopped the cardmaking idea. I know, I can still make cards, but I just thought having the color printer would be nice. I have rubber stamps that I bought recently and Lord knows how much paper and stickers and other stuff I have! So I'm organizing all that and really need to purge some of this stuff. Alot of it is not my style anymore. I use to be a scrapbook consultant (way back when) so I do have alot that I would like to get rid of. So anyway that is another crafting side of me, which I don't want to forget about. I have alot of pictures, which I love. I have most of my family slides from when I grew up, which I have been little by little turning into prints. I just love them, not sure if my future generations would love them as much as I do, but there are many stories behind them. My Dad was always taking pictures of us kids growing up and kept them all organized in slide cartridges, I don't want to just toss them aside. I don't think my brothers really care about them as much as I do (they have their own lives and families to deal with) and my Mom is just not into it.

So anyway, that's what has been on my mind today and hopefully I will be able to fit that into my already overloaded crafting endeavors.

Friday, February 17, 2006

4-day Weekend!

No work today and I'm loving it. Although, I thought I would sleep-in this morning, but I was up at 4:30am again, as usual. Dh still had to go to work, so his alarm went off and I was up as well.

Anyway, no real plans this weekend. I'm driving up to Long Beach today to visit my dd, my aunt and cousin today. I haven't been up there in awhile, but I better head home early because I think the traffic back home is not going to be good. I do need to get an oil change before I head out this morning.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Saturday weigh-in

Well, after weeks of yo-yoing, I think I'm finally back on track. I've lost 3.2 pounds this week, after I changed my attitude and in a fitness mindset. These last 20+ pounds are so hard to get rid of, especially as I get older (sigh). Anyway, what has helped me out is that I did my grocery shopping on the weekend and sort of had a plan as to what I was going to eat, as well as the rest of my family - dd and dh. DD only comes home on the weekends, but I still need to have a plan. I also had healthy snacks (well, maybe not so healthy, but low in calories), which has really helped out. So hopefully I can lose at least another couple of pounds this week. I'm doing cardio at least 5 times a week and Pilates daily. My one gripe is that I'm crunched for time, but some how I manage to fit it all in.

As for other stuff happening in my life, it has been pretty hectic. I've been subbing extra hours as other co-workers are taking time off and have no one to sub for them except for me. Actually I like working at other schools, it's funny how different each site is, even though we all work for the same program. I haven't had a chance to do any cross-stitching this past week, but maybe this weekend I will be able to get at least an hour in.
Have a great evening/weekend, or what's left of it.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Handmade Baby Quilt

Here is a photo of my dd baby quilt that I found in my stash of stuff the other day, still in mint condition! No I didn't make it, it was a gift given to me and I stashed it away. I don't know why, I guess for safe keeping?

Hello, I'm Back

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