Nothing crafty here, but . . .

my dd has been busy knitting these past couple of weeks. I've also helped her put together this handbag (somehow I can't find the photo on my computer!) she made for a friend a few weeks ago. It took us awhile to figure out how to put the handles on, the directions in the book were pretty vague. Even dh was giving us advice. Once she sewed them on, I sewed in the lining. Today, we were in Barnes and Noble and she couldn't decide between two books to buy, a Rachel Ray cookbook or a book on crocheting handbags. I convinced her that she should choose the crochet book. She's very good at knitting, I'm sure she will be execllent at crocheting. Of course, I'm the one "buying" the book - Crochet Bags! 15 Hip Projects to Carry your Stuff. Oh yeah, she wants me to sew in the lining on all her future handbags.


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