Saturday, December 10, 2005

Woohoo, more decorations!

Well, finally we went to our storage unit today and picked up 4 big tubs of Christmas decorations. I didn't realize there were that many. My dh got the storage unit 2 years ago along with our neighbor, thinking it was a good idea.... well, the space was so small! We could easily manage that same space in our garage, for crying out loud! Anyway, last year I couldn't get into the unit because it was in his name and he had a combination lock on it (which I accidently threw out the combination, whooops! ssshhh) And to make a long story short, I couldn't get them to break the lock and dh was too busy to deal with it (I married a workaholic), and we just couldn't get our priorities straight. So I went to Target and bought a pre-lit artificial tree, we had a beautiful tree with minimal decorations. Life was so hectic then, that I didn't really care. This year I wanted all our decorations and we needed to get into that storage unit -- pronto!! Okay, so we picked up the tubs of decorations and left behind the old tree, who cares, I love the pre-lit tree I bought at Target last year. No hassles with lights! Now, I know "real trees" are the best, but in So. Calif. I don't think that's the best idea. I grew up in No. Calif. and my Mom always had a real tree, a "fake tree" wasn't heard of. In fact, all my friends had "real trees". But since, living down here we had a "real tree" once or twice and decided it was best to just go and buy a "fake tree" and it's been fine since. Dh and I are just a little paranoid about fires and the weather down here has been usually dry during Christmas time. So later tonight I will put more decorations on the tree and look into these tubs and maybe it's time to retire some of these Christmas decorations. I told dh that I was going to condense everything into 2 tubs. I hope I can commit to that one. Ugh.

This morning I was up early, went to my usual Weight Watcher meeting and was sorely dissapponted to see that I didn't lose a pound. I didn't gain either, but I have really been sticking to the program, working out, and avoiding alcohol, too. I was very sad and just about came home in tears, wait, I did come home in tears! I snapped out of it and started sewing. Oh, what a stress reliever that was. I had the radio on to Christmas music and I think I sewed until noon. I made the pillowcases for the children at work, for when they make their reading pillows next week. One side of the pillow is Christmas fabric that was donated by one of the parents and the other side is white fabric, where the children can draw thier own design using fabric markers. We have bags of fiberfill at work, the children can stuff their pillows and then sew them up. I know it will be a big hit with the them next week.

My neighbor came by this morning and dropped off their keys and an invitation to their annual "cookies and beer" party. We will be house-sitting while they are on a cruise to Alcupulco. Yes, a cruise that they invited us to go with them, but not a good month for us, nor a good time. Anyway, she brought over this beautiful wreath she made for me. I was so embarrassed because it was an amazing wreath and the wreath I had on our door looked old, faded, and just plain tired compared to the one she was giving me. So I promptly took that one down and threw it in the garage and replaced it with my new wreath. It looks beautiful!

Okay, enough rambling. Have a great weekend, or what's left of it.

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