Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Whew . . .

Okay, I'm re-inspired. I just spent the last hour and half reading my favorite bookmarked blogs that I like to read. Wow, everyone seems to be busy sewing, stitching, or just reading interesting books on crafts, while I've been working. Well, at least I get to read about it. I know I should have been stitching myself, but I can't get into it in the evenings. I think I'm just worn out from the day and my eyes aren't that great after the sun goes down.

Today was my errand day, you know, making phone calls, paying bills and then dashing off to the post office. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to make some sense out of this office. I have piles of papers that need to be filed, a box load of stuff that really need to be shredded, but I should go through it first. So tomorrow, after I work my Avon, I will tackle this office. Plus get to the gym, because I didn't go today.

Next week I'll have a few days to myself, I probably will be able to do something constructive. Dh is going out of town on business for a few days, so I'll have to plan my time wisely and get all my chores out of the way by this weekend. It will be nice to stitch again, but I'm not crazy about being home alone.

Time for bed. Goodnight, all.

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