Friday, October 21, 2005

So glad for Friday!

I'm glad this week is just about over. I haven't done anything crafty, much less been able to visit my favorite crafty blogs. I've come to the conlclusion that I need to not be such a nice person and stop subbing for everyone! The holidays are coming and working part-time for the next couple of months is just fine. So I have a few more commitments next week and in November and that's it. I'll just do my early morning job and that will be fine.

Oh, speaking of work, the most embarassing thing happened to me. My alarm clock didn't go off because we had a power outage during the night. I have to write this down so I can look back and laugh, but at the time it was not funny. I have to be at work at 6:30am and because it's childcare, I have quite a few parents that arrive with their children so they can go to work. Well, not good if the person who is watching their child is not there. I had some very upset parents waiting, the supervisor managed to get there before me. So it all worked out okay, even though late in opening. I apologized to them this morning, they figured it was the power outage. One dad said if it wasn't for his cell phone alarm he would have been running late, too. So now I need to figure out how to set my cell phone as a backup. I replaced the battery in my alarm clock. I hope that never happens to me again, that little fiasco pretty much ruined my whole day.

Yes, I'm so glad it's Friday!

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