Monday, September 05, 2005

BOM's on the back burner

This morning I was thinking about my "block of the month" quilt that I started back in 1999, which of course was put on the back burner and forgotten. I have about 4 big plastic tubs with fabric stash, unfinished projects, completed small quilts, linens that I've collected and some cross-stitch projects that dd made when she was alot younger. Anyway, back to the "block of the month" by City Stitcher called Quilted Village, they were stored in one of the plastic tubs.

I received them monthly from Keepsake Quilting. I've completed 7 out of the 12 blocks, except for the embroidery that needs to be done. I think I may re-do 3 of the blocks. I must have experimented at the time and appliqued them by machine. I don't like it. So those will have to be re-done. Anyway, I spent the better part of the day working on block #8. I'm almost done, except the embroidery, of course, but that will come. I need to buy silk ribbon. Each block is a kit with pattern and fabric, but doesn't come with floss or silk ribbon. I will post my progress here, as well as other projects that I have started or trying to finish or in the middle of. That way I think it will keep me on task and inspire me to finish my craft projects.

So my September goals are:

finish Quilted Village block #8
finish little bird cross-stitch
Bent Creek October Curls
continue the Folk Sampler by Dreamer's Tapestry

I think that's enough for now. I already know that I'll be subbing extra hours at work this month, so hopefully I can stick to these goals. Who knows, I may be adding other projects as the weeks go by.

Take care everyone!

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Mia said...

What a pretty pattern, Tweety. I really like it. I don't quilt but I do admire how beautiful they are and am in awe of those that do quilt.

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